Feng Shui with Dr. Anna Markovic Plestovic


5. Geographical applicability of Feng Shui philosophy

The examination of the applicability of the Feng Shui philosophy conducted on the case of Szabadka reasonably substantiates the hypothesis, that the methods of Feng Shui have a certain interdisciplinary and interdimensional, or holistic quality that deserves to be examined in more detail and in depth. The abstract system of symbols can evaluate and correlate the phenomena on and interactions of different levels and dimensions of existence in a place in a complex way, which could allow for the simplification of scientific enquiries by concentrating the observation activity to a narrower dimension through which the understanding of the complex structures and processes of a broader scale is possible. Speeding up the cognition process of complex structures and processes should make the interactions of economic, social and environmental decisions and actions more transparent and understandable, and through it should accelerate and operationalize the practical application of scientific results, leading to more feasible strategic choices and a more efficient and viable local community. 


By the methodology of Feng Shui through the examination of material and spatial shapes the dynamic, mental or spiritual quality of existence and the possibilities of temporal change can be perceived, while the research into the spatial and temporal dynamics makes the restraints of individualization visible, and give an explaination to the question why of all the possibilities exactly the things that happen are the only things that can happen at the particular place. Paraphrasing Hägerstrand it could be said that the relationships of Qi and Form (spirit and matter, movement and stillness, dynamics and statics) describes what people at a particular place “are in liberty to do”, but also shows what they are really doing, why are they doing exactly that and how should these deeds be redirected. As the I King puts it: “Heaven and earth determine the scene, and the changes take effect within it. The perfected nature of man, sustaining itself and enduring, is the gateway of Tao and justice” (The I Ching, Princeton University Press,1997., II 297).


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